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Where We Work: West Roxbury

We work all across Greater Boston to make the real estate dreams of buyers and sellers come true. In this series we’ll be sharing with you the neighborhoods we work in, as well as the micro-neighborhoods within them that each have a unique culture and property appeal.

In West Roxbury the excitement of urban living meets the space and luxuries of suburbia. Sidewalk-lined residential neighborhoods encourage a tight knit community of homeowners and long-term residents. But not far away sits the vibrant Centre Street full of all the restaurants, shops, and city spaces that urban living has to offer.

West Roxbury was founded in 1630 (!!) and was used for a long time as farmland, which may explain the still stunning landscapes around town. In the nineteenth century West Roxbury was actually home to an experimental utopian community called Brook Farm, pioneered in part by famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne. The project fizzled but their main aim of working together to benefit the greater community lives on in the neighborhood. You can still visit the former farm, now a 179-acre park.

Nowadays West Roxbury is an ideal balance between the bustle of downtown Boston, just a 30-minute drive away, and the serenity of a quiet living space. Serviced by MBTA buses and the commuter rail, it’s easy to get into the city or to another neighborhood by public transit as well. For young families looking for a detached single-family home, and perhaps a yard, West Roxbury is an ideal location.

On the main drag you can catch a baseball game at Billings Field, grab a cocktail or a dinner out at West on Centre, and hunt in Reliable Trading Post for fun antiques. The West Roxbury library branch and community center are also right on Centre Street in close proximity to many of the neighborhoods nearby.

We’ve sold a number of single and multi-family homes in West Roxbury and would love to show you around this beautiful blend of urban and suburban living. Think West Roxbury could be your next home? Shoot us an e-mail at and we can work on getting you there!


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