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So you Want to Sell Your House, What Next?

You’ve decided to sell your house and you’re wondering what the next step is. Great news! You’re past the first hurdle, which is making the big decision to sell. We know it can feel like a very overwhelming process, especially if you’re a first time seller, so we’ve made a list of easy next steps to get the process going.

Step One: Decide What You Want from the Process

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a target sale price. That’s a good start. Your real estate agent will be able to tell you what the home is likely to sell for but it’s also good to think about a desired return on your own. You’ll also want to consider factors like a timeline to meet your personal goals. Is it important for you to sell this as quickly as possible or can you be flexible to get a higher price? Do you have a deadline, for example, before school starts in the fall? How do you expect selling this home will line up with buying your next home?

Of course your agent will be able to help you with all of these questions, but it’s good to have a sense of your wants and needs before getting the process started. Then you and your agent can compare notes and decide what’s best for a win-win scenario.

Step Two: Interview and Select a Sellers’ Agent

This is perhaps the most important step in the process. The right sellers’ agent (or team!) will make the rest of the buying procedure as seamless and comfortable for you as possible—not to mention profitable! Select a few different teams in your area and interview them to see what feels like a good fit. Ask questions that will measure the depth of their knowledge as well as whether your personalities mesh.

Not to brag, but we happen to be very knowledgeable and likeable seller’s agents with decades of experience in the Boston area. We’d love to have the chance to convince you why we’re a great fit!

Step Three: Begin Preparations

The prep is the most laborious part of the process. It will include cleaning and organizing your home for photographers, potentially making minor repairs that could help the home sell faster or add value, and giving lots of information to your sellers’ agent for them to prepare marketing materials. That’s right, it’s going to be helpful to your agents if you know when that ancient boiler was installed.

In this step, and every one following it, having the right sellers’ agent or team is key. They will tell you exactly what needs to be done and help you do it.

Contact us at or 617-942-1741 to interview us about the extreme level of preparedness we maintain here at Nextdoor Realty Team.


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