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Great Boston Area Neighborhoods for Single Family Buyers

The very first decision you usually have to make about buying a home is where you want to live. Greater Boston is chock full of amazing neighborhoods for homebuyers of all kinds. But there are definitely areas that are more condo-based and areas richer in single-family homes. If you’re looking to own a full-on house, here are a few great neighborhoods—in or very close to Boston proper—to look into.

Great Value – Norwood

For single-family buyers looking for a more suburban feel and a great price for space and quality, Norwood is where it’s at. Though outside of Boston proper, the town has lots to do and boasts a very picturesque downtown where town festivals and events are often held. The price per square foot here is also significantly lower than in the city, and you’re more likely to get a larger home and property (yes, a yard!) for your money.

Great Value in Boston Proper – Hyde Park

If being in Boston proper is a must, head to Hyde Park. You’re still looking at a solid value and a wide variety of detached single-family homes. Only 7.9 miles south of downtown Boston, Hyde Park is rich in history and in beloved local businesses. Sixty percent of housing units in Hyde Park are owner occupied and many residents have a deep family history in the area giving it a strong sense of neighborhood spirit.

Great Green Space – Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain offers single-family homes just a few T stops from downtown Boston; it also offers some of the most beautiful urban green spaces in the city. Here you can experience urban living and stunning nature at the same time. Competition and pricing is fierce in this sought-after neighborhood but for urbanites who want the meditative luxuries of space and greenery, there’s no better neighborhood.

Great Community Feel – Roslindale

If community is your top priority—and who can blame you?— Roslindale is a great option for single-family homebuyers. A blend of small town charm and urban amenities, the Roslindale community often gathers in the town’s main square for entertainment, the weekly farmer’s market, and other public events.

Great Highway Access – Dedham

Your commute to work is a huge part of your day. If you work in the city, or anywhere on a major highway, easy access to and from the office is essential. From Dedham you can easily hop on I-95 North or South to get virtually anywhere you need to go. On top of the convenient transportation, Dedham boasts a quaint town center and well-maintained suburban neighborhoods.

No matter what neighborhood speaks to you, we’d be happy to help you find your home there. Reach out to us at to narrow down all these wonderful options!


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