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5 Ways to Stay Busy During Social Distancing

This is a scary time, but we’re so impressed with the way Bostonians have taken social distancing seriously. While it’s rough not to be able to swing by J.P. Licks for a scoop of ice cream or stock up on fresh produce at the Roslindale Farmers Market, it will be worth it for the health of our community. In the meantime we’ve come up with a few ways to keep you busy while you’re social distancing, and you can do some of them from your couch!

Explore Boston Virtually

Boston’s museums and attractions may be closed for the moment, but you can explore many of them online from the safety of your own home, including the Frederick Law Olmstead Museum in Brookline. The online tour, via Google Arts & Culture shows early designs for some of Jamaica Plain’s most beautiful green spaces, including Franklin Park and the Arnold Arboretum. You can also virtually explore the works heisted from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum or investigate the newest exhibition at the Museum of African American History.

Make Neighborhood Memories

Doctors have recommended going out for regular walks and fresh air to keep yourself grounded during this period. Take this opportunity to stroll through your neighborhood with a camera. You can snap photos of your neighbors (from a safe 6-foot distance), your favorite local art and green spaces and spots where you’ve made wonderful memories in this area. If you’re planning on selling your home and moving somewhere new, you’ll have a stockpile of physical memories of your time here. If you’re not, you have beautiful photos of the neighborhood you love. Win-win.

Clean and Organize Your Home

We know, this one isn’t very exciting. But cleaning and organizing your space has been proven to be a very calming activity, it allows you to have control over something in a very chaotic time. It also preps your home for sale when the spring market gears up. Do as little or as much as you want, maybe it’s just reorganizing your closet, maybe it’s a whole house deep clean. A little can go a long way. Not sure where to start? Check out our spring-cleaning tips highlighting the areas that most often need a refresh.

Get Into that Landscaping Groove

Planting flowers around your property or in a window box for your condo is a triple threat during social distancing. It gets you outside and in the sunshine, maintains an appropriate 6-foot distance from others, and adds instant curb appeal to your home. What’s not to love? Many hardware stores and outlets like Home Depot are still open and are operating garden centers under safe conditions so you can pick out your plants. Or you can order seeds delivered to your home and start from scratch. In a month you’ll be the envy of the spring flowering neighborhood!

Cook Local Food

Each neighborhood in Boston has a unique history often tied to a particular cultural group. Jamaica Plain boasts a vibrant Hispanic community, so why not give empanadas or arepas a try? Roslindale was known as a baking hub in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a good excuse to give a simple no-rise bread recipe a whirl or get really wild and try your hand at croissants. Post in your neighborhood Nextdoor or Facebook groups looking for family recipes to try. Cooking food with roots in your neighborhood can allow you to feel connected even when we’re apart. Plus, it’s delicious.

How are you staying positive and busy during social distancing? Connect with us on your Facebook and Instagram pages to let us know!


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