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We work all across Greater Boston to make the real estate dreams of buyers and sellers come true. In this series we’ll be sharing with you the neighborhoods we work in, as well as the micro-neighborhoods within them that each have a unique culture and property appeal.

Roslindale is a tight-knit, community-oriented neighborhood of Boston right near Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury. The town has a rich history but also boasts the conveniences of contemporary urban life: rich green spaces, locally owned shops, and a town square that’s always bustling with events and markets.

In the early 1800s Roslindale was actually a part of Roxbury, and it seceded into its own neighborhood in 1873. The town was also known as a baking hub, with several bread baking shops and factories dominating the market. You can still pop into Fornax Bread Company for the soothing aromas of fresh loaves of bread and pastries straight from the oven.

Roslindale is a diverse neighborhood, blending cultures for an inclusive and distinct community feel. Many residents have lived in the neighborhood for generations and it has a nice mix of families, young professionals, and retirees. Though the area has grown in popularity, it’s dodged the trendy/hipster bullet and has maintained its classic neighborly charm.

Roslindale is also known for its pastoral beauty. In fact, the name Roslindale literally comes from the rolling hills and dales around Main Street. The topography may have changed a bit over time but it’s still easy to escape into the calming green spaces around the neighborhood. Part of the Arnold Arboretum is in Roslindale offering restful paths, unique foliage, and beautiful garden oases to flee to when the urban life feels stifling. The town is also full of recreational areas, playgrounds for kids, tracks for the running inclined, and fields for games of pickup soccer.

Our team member Mike Wood lives in Roslindale and can tell you all the ins and outs, from how to score the best seat at the summer Jazz in the Square concerts to what farmer’s market stands you really can’t miss. If you think Roslindale might be the neighborhood for you, shoot us an e-mail at to get your transition into the area started.

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The very first decision you usually have to make about buying a home is where you want to live. Greater Boston is chock full of amazing neighborhoods for homebuyers of all kinds. But there are definitely areas that are more condo-based and areas richer in single-family homes. If you’re looking to own a full-on house, here are a few great neighborhoods—in or very close to Boston proper—to look into.

Great Value – Norwood

For single-family buyers looking for a more suburban feel and a great price for space and quality, Norwood is where it’s at. Though outside of Boston proper, the town has lots to do and boasts a very picturesque downtown where town festivals and events are often held. The price per square foot here is also significantly lower than in the city, and you’re more likely to get a larger home and property (yes, a yard!) for your money.

Great Value in Boston Proper – Hyde Park

If being in Boston proper is a must, head to Hyde Park. You’re still looking at a solid value and a wide variety of detached single-family homes. Only 7.9 miles south of downtown Boston, Hyde Park is rich in history and in beloved local businesses. Sixty percent of housing units in Hyde Park are owner occupied and many residents have a deep family history in the area giving it a strong sense of neighborhood spirit.

Great Green Space – Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain offers single-family homes just a few T stops from downtown Boston; it also offers some of the most beautiful urban green spaces in the city. Here you can experience urban living and stunning nature at the same time. Competition and pricing is fierce in this sought-after neighborhood but for urbanites who want the meditative luxuries of space and greenery, there’s no better neighborhood.

Great Community Feel – Roslindale

If community is your top priority—and who can blame you?— Roslindale is a great option for single-family homebuyers. A blend of small town charm and urban amenities, the Roslindale community often gathers in the town’s main square for entertainment, the weekly farmer’s market, and other public events.

Great Highway Access – Dedham

Your commute to work is a huge part of your day. If you work in the city, or anywhere on a major highway, easy access to and from the office is essential. From Dedham you can easily hop on I-95 North or South to get virtually anywhere you need to go. On top of the convenient transportation, Dedham boasts a quaint town center and well-maintained suburban neighborhoods.

No matter what neighborhood speaks to you, we’d be happy to help you find your home there. Reach out to us at to narrow down all these wonderful options!

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By the time you get to the staging process of selling your home, you’ve already been through a lot. You’ve hunted for the best real estate agent, made any necessary upgrades to your home, cleaned and organized the whole space, and worked with your selling team to get the marketing materials ready to go.

At this point, it’s easy to wonder if staging is really necessary. Isn’t your home good enough to sell by itself? Yes, your home is amazing. But staging allows potential buyers to imagine themselves and their possessions in the space which makes them that much more eager to get their hands on your gem. In fact, according to the Real Estate Staging Association, homes which are staged before going on the market sell on average 73% faster than un-staged homes and 31% of buyers increase their offer on a home that is staged.

What is Home Staging?

Here’s the low down: home staging is the process of aesthetically preparing your home for market. The translation of that is, a home staging team comes into the property and adds décor, furniture, and accessories to the home to make it look beautiful for showings and photographs. It’s sort of like having an interior designer temporarily decorate your home but with the intention of selling it. In some cases stagers will use your existing items and reorganize the space to illustrate space and style in a different way. If you’ve already moved out or your house is empty, stagers will bring their own items to decorate and bring your home to life!

Why Does it Help?

The goal of showing a home to a potential buyer is to get them to picture themselves living in it. If the buyers can visualize making a home in your space, they’re much more likely to purchase. But it’s not just about the sale. According to the National Association of Realtors, 40% of buyers were more likely to visit a staged home period. So staging has the effect of bringing more buyers in to see your home, making it easier for them to fall in love with the property, and then inspiring them to offer more than they originally would have.

Can I Stage My Own Home?

You can, but even if you’re an interior designer it’s not quite the same as working with a professional stager. Stagers don't just have good taste, and the physical resources to stage your home, they know how to arrange the home specifically to sell it. That requires a different skill set than just making the house look nice.

We work with the amazing local group Painted Door Home Staging and we have had a lot of success selling homes with their expertise. If you’re still not sure if staging is a good fit for your home, give us a call at 617-942-1741 and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

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