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The home at 251 Heath Street, unit 225, encapsulates the artistic spirit and unique nature of this Jamaica Plain neighborhood. The open floor plan loft space is a perfect blank canvas to create the home of your dreams—whether that includes a studio space for your creative pursuits, an ideal entertaining flow, or a cozy sanctuary insulation from the outside world.

You’re greeted by warm exposed brick and rare wood-paneled ceilings clocking in at an awe-inspiring 15 feet tall. In the kitchen you’ll find a stunning chef’s kitchen designed for both the ease of the cook and the aesthetic pleasure of everyone who visits. Hanging above the kitchen is a one-of-a-kind stained glass architectural feature, salvaged and restored from an old building and bringing a unique artistry to the kitchen.

The loft continues into the dining space, flanked by a wall of arched windows that flood the space with light nearly all day. Built-in bookshelves and an architectural hanging light sculpture bring style and function to the space.

This home is one-of-a-kind in many ways, including its location. The loft sits above the visitor parking, separated from the primary building. This means there are virtually no shared-wall neighbors. There’s no one above, below, behind, or in front of this unit. This allows for light to stream in from both sides of the home. As the current owner also points out, it makes the space ideal for an impromptu dance party!

Further into the home is a flexible space that can be designed around your lifestyle. The current owners have half of the space utilized as a bedroom and the other half housing two offices and a living room. The beauty of a loft like this is the endless creative possibilities. This space also includes a large storage area partitioned off by a curtain and a walk-in closet with a stacked washer and dryer.

The second bathroom, off the current bedroom space, was recently remodeled and boasts a jacuzzi tub and intricately designed tile that turns a functional space into a beautiful oasis.

Within the building you’ll find a gym, conveniently located just down the hall from this unit, and a courtyard space with communal grills and bistro tables perfect for a relaxed evening outdoors. This unit comes with two spots in the parking garage.

Whether you’re an artist yourself or just a lover of a beautifully designed space, this loft is truly a one-of-a-kind property that blends the elegance of an art piece with the warmth of a private home.

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We work all across Greater Boston to make the real estate dreams of buyers and sellers come true. In this series we’ll be sharing with you the neighborhoods we work in, as well as the micro-neighborhoods within them that each have a unique culture and property appeal.

Just a few miles from bustling downtown Boston, you’ll find the leafy streets and stately homes of West Roxbury’s Bellevue Hill neighborhood. At the turn of the nineteenth century Bostonians referred to this elegant residential area as “Mount Bellevue” for its classical homes and because it’s the highest natural point in the City of Boston and Suffolk County.

Over a century later, Bellevue Hill retains the prestige that drew residents to it years ago. Nestled in the shadow of its historic water tower, the neighborhood is one of the most coveted areas of West Roxbury in which to live. More than any other neighborhood in Boston, this residential community offers the benefits of both town and country. Residents can enjoy the suburban space of their homes and yards and the peace of mind the orderly, sidewalk-lined residential blocks offer.

But homeowners also get the benefit of close proximity to Boston (just 8 miles) and a thriving local downtown less than a mile from the neighborhood. On Centre Street you can dine at the trendy West on Centre restaurant or easily access the West Roxbury Library and the Community Center. Important amenities like Roche Brothers Supermarket and the MBTA’s Commuter Rail (Needham Line) are also within easy reach. After a baseball game at Billings Field and Park families can enjoy a cocktail or ice cream sundae at Corrib Restaurant and walk home in the lush golden hour light that washes the Hill every evening.

Making a home in Greater Boston doesn’t have to mean a choice between suburban space and access to urban amenities. For centuries Bostonians have flocked to West Roxbury for the perfect blend of both — and you can too.

Interested in making Bellevue Hill your home? Reach out at 617-942-1741 or nextdoor@unlimitedsir.com and we can start your search!

The open house is the first impression your home makes on potential buyers. It’s kind of like a first date, you want to get your home all cleaned up and looking its best. When you’re prepping your home be sure to keep these items out of sight, it can mean the difference between an offer and a walk out the door!

  1. Valuables – We promise prospective buyers usually aren’t jewelry thieves, but it’s always best to keep valuables (jewelry, cash, credit cards, etc.) out of sight or in a secure place when you have a lot of foot traffic through your home. This way it’s one less thing to worry about, and we know you could live with less worrying during this time!

  2. Personal Photos – Don’t get us wrong, your family is beautiful. And that picture of your dog catching the tennis ball? The stuff dreams are made of. But it’s essential for prospective buyers to be able to imagine themselves in your home and that can be hard with your daughter’s graduation photos on the mantle.

  3. Unfinished Chores – The last thing a prospective buyer wants to see is a pile of laundry or a sink full of dishes. Because, let’s be honest, it’s a reminder of all the chores everyone still has to do at home. We want this first impression to feel like a super clean fantasy house, so save the laundry for tomorrow!

  4. Alcohol – No judgment, we love a glass of wine at the end of the day too. That said, you never know who will walk through the door and what associations they have. A fully stocked bar cart might be enticing for some, but it’s not always a great sell for a buyer who doesn’t drink. Best to keep our cocktail preferences to ourselves and appeal to all audiences.

  5. Prescriptions – We don’t want your personal medical history aired for the general public (and we’re sure you don’t either!). Keeping prescriptions out of sight in a drawer or medicine cabinet keeps the bathroom area clean and organized and removes the worry of anything being misplaced.

More questions about preparing your home for an Open House, or want to talk through your options when selling your home? We offer all of our selling clients two photo-preparation walk throughs to help with furniture, wall arrangements and finishing touches. Contact us early and we’ll make the process as easy as can be! Shoot us an e-mail at nextdoor@unlimitedsir.com.

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