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Timing is key when you’re buying or selling a home in Boston—and the market in 2021 is a little bit crazy! Depending on what’s most important to you (say, price or ease of transaction), you’ll want to carefully choose which season to list or hunt for a home. We’ve weighed the pros and cons of each season to help you choose what’s best for you.


For sellers, spring is often touted as the best time to list a house. After a long, usually tough, winter, Bostonians are ready to get out into the sunshine and find a new home. Because of steep competition amongst buyers, sellers can often get higher prices for their home than in the winter market. However, spring is not only high in buyers but also generally high in inventory, meaning competition is fierce. 2021 has been a little bit lighter in inventory, and so competition among buyers for limited buyers has been fierce for the last several months. According to data from Realtor.com, spring gives sellers the best balance between a quick sale and a high price.

But, if your timing is flexible and price is more important to you than a quick turn around, summer may be a better way to go. Competition remains high throughout the summer but inventory is slightly lower and family buyers are highly motivated to close on a home before school starts in the fall.

Takeaway: Spring is best timing for sellers, generally a quicker sale and a strong sale price. Buyers will have lots of competition during the spring months.


For buyers, the most inventory is listed in the spring, which means the most options for you...and everyone else! Many other buyers are also active so competition is high and prices will likely be driven up. That competitive market can also be frustrating and stressful when things are shown and sold too quickly to make an informed decision. If you’re willing to fight the fight, this is a good time to choose from a wide set of options.

If you’d rather keep the stress to a minimum, competition eases up in the fall. Sellers may also be willing to negotiate on the price to close the deal before the winter. That said, inventory is lower during this time, which means fewer options. It can also be challenging for families with children just starting school to make an abrupt change.

Takeaway: Spring is competitive but offers the widest selection for buyers; fall has a smaller selection of homes available for buyers but there is generally less competition and more chances to score a deal.

If you’re not sure what season makes the most sense for you, give us a call and we’d be happy to talk it through with you: 617-829-3907.

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Jamaica Plain’s Stony Brook neighborhood has enchanted Bostonians for hundreds of years. The area has been sought after by homeowners since the 18th century as a country oasis within just miles of downtown Boston. In 2020 Stony Brook still strikes the ultimate balance between urban accessibility and lush, organic green spaces.

Frederick Law Olmstead paid special care to Jamaica Plain with immense natural sanctuaries like Franklin Park, the Arnold Arboretum—the oldest public arboretum in North America—and Jamaica Pond, all within a stone’s throw of the Stony Brook neighborhood. Despite these spectacular natural landscapes, a 20-minute ride on the nearby Orange Line gets you to the hustle and bustle of downtown Boston.

The Stony Brook neighborhood is actually named for the literal river that used to run above ground in the area. The brook still lives, coursing underground beneath this vibrant community. Residents can bike ride through the Southwest Corridor Park, listen to live music at the classic Midway Café and attend a meeting at the local community center all without leaving the neighborhood. For those who crave the great outdoors but also desire the convenience of urban living, Stony Brook offers a heavenly balance.

Want to be the newest neighbor in this nature-driven district? Reach out to us at 617-829-3907 or nextdoor@unlimitedsir.com to start your property search. Our team member Josh Brett lives right nearby and would love to give you our insider tips!

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We work all across Greater Boston to make the real estate dreams of buyers and sellers come true. In this series we’ll be sharing with you the neighborhoods we work in, as well as the micro-neighborhoods within them that each have a unique culture and property appeal.

In West Roxbury the excitement of urban living meets the space and luxuries of suburbia. Sidewalk-lined residential neighborhoods encourage a tight knit community of homeowners and long-term residents. But not far away sits the vibrant Centre Street full of all the restaurants, shops, and city spaces that urban living has to offer.

West Roxbury was founded in 1630 (!!) and was used for a long time as farmland, which may explain the still stunning landscapes around town. In the nineteenth century West Roxbury was actually home to an experimental utopian community called Brook Farm, pioneered in part by famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne. The project fizzled but their main aim of working together to benefit the greater community lives on in the neighborhood. You can still visit the former farm, now a 179-acre park.

Nowadays West Roxbury is an ideal balance between the bustle of downtown Boston, just a 30-minute drive away, and the serenity of a quiet living space. Serviced by MBTA buses and the commuter rail, it’s easy to get into the city or to another neighborhood by public transit as well. For young families looking for a detached single-family home, and perhaps a yard, West Roxbury is an ideal location.

On the main drag you can catch a baseball game at Billings Field, grab a cocktail or a dinner out at West on Centre, and hunt in Reliable Trading Post for fun antiques. The West Roxbury library branch and community center are also right on Centre Street in close proximity to many of the neighborhoods nearby.

We’ve sold a number of single and multi-family homes in West Roxbury and would love to show you around this beautiful blend of urban and suburban living. Think West Roxbury could be your next home? Shoot us an e-mail at nextdoor@unlimitedsir.com and we can work on getting you there!